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Design the Second Half of Your Life: Shedding

Posted Aug 09 2012 2:36pm

The title “Design the Second Half of Your Life” indeed sounds like a plan is the end result but, actually, the plan is just the beginning. Of what you might ask! Design the Second Half of Life is all about the journey, self-reflection and breaking through our “shame” barriers to lose our old identity. It’s about shedding what no longer serves us to make room for what is possible. (If you haven’t heard our on-line radio show on the topic, click here to download or just listen!)

If you think of it like cleaning out a crowded linen closet, you’ll be able to lose the fear that comes when we “shed” which is mainly due to fear of the unknown. Just what will take the place of the “old” you? The doubt associated with “What will become of you?” can be reframed to “What will you become”? More importantly, you’ll learn through “shedding” that you’re fine just the way you are!

Sometimes when we envision the end result and what we want from life, we are more motivated to “shed”. To get you started here’s some help from an Omega coach. I really wanted to share this with you to get you started on the right pathway…at least thinking about taking care of yourself in a new way.

I would love to hear your thoughts so don’t disappear! You’re invited to leave a message here for me. Kelley

Can you leave your past in the past and imagine a new identity? Best-selling author and life coach, Tama J. Kieves explains why wild success demands liberation from the old self-image that no longer serves you.

Many of my clients believe in wild success, but also secretly and subconsciously whisk it off their doorstep. They believe in struggle, limits, failures, intense competition, “reality,” and most of all, a secret shame inside that gains momentum and validation with every passing year. Wild success will demand wild liberation. It means stepping outside your worldview, your childhood, your neighborhood, the way things have been going, and receiving what the Universe wants to give you. Wild success often asks you to die to your past. It’s a conversion experience. Because only a new person gets new results.

Like what you’ve read so far? Click here and enjoy the ride!

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