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Dehydration can it be chronic?

Posted Aug 11 2010 8:10am
Well we are in the midst of another heat wave here on the East Coast and the biggest concern for us, is staying hydrated. Be sure to drink enough water throughout the day, especially if you are exercising outside. So we emphasize greatly to our Boot campers to hydrate, stay away from caffeine, alcohol and sugary drinks and stick with fresh water, fresh fruits and veggies to help you hydrate.  Yet ironically enough you could already be dehydrated before the heat wave started?

How is that possible? And how do you know?

Many things can be a factor in causing your body to be in a state of dehydration, the obvious things would be caffeine, alcohol, soda pop.  But have you ever taken a medication that has a warning label stating it may cause dry mouth?  Or do you find it difficult to consume just plain old water, so you add a little flavoring in the form of a powder and you think that will help you get hydrated?  Are you currently consuming prepackaged, processed foods such as hot dogs or lunch meats? Or maybe you are someone who likes to add salt even before tasting your food.  Anything that has high levels of sodium could be depleting your body of water as well.

Unfortunately there are quite a few factors that can contribute to dehydration; but their are quite a few symptoms you could be experiencing that could tell you if you are dehydrated.

1. Fatigue and Energy loss
2. Constipation
3. Digestive Disorders
4. High or low blood pressure
5. Gastritis or stomach ulcers
6. Respiratory troubles (even misdiagnosed asthma)
7. Acid-Alkaline imbalance
8. Excess weight and obesity
9.  Excema
10.Cystitis, urinary infections
11. High Cholesterol
12. Rheumatism
13. Early Aging

So take the time today to notice if you are experiencing any of these symptoms.  Be aware of what are the factors causing your dehydration.  Remember if you are experiencing fatigue and hunger you might just be thirsty. If you are experiencing excessive joint pain you could be lacking on water. So don't discount the healing factors of water, just start drinking.
You should start by moderately increasing your water intake, everything in moderation.

One thing I do need to disclaim, anything in excess can be detrimental, so chugging gallons of water all in one sitting will not help you get hydrated it can be deadly.

Till next time or the next heat wave.

Try to maintain a healthy balance in your life with regular exercise, healthy eating and drinking lots of water...
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