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Day shift - ugh

Posted Nov 01 2008 7:12am

So, for a change (ugh), I worked two day shifts this week. Whose crazy idea was that? Oh yeah. Mine. All so I could take my child out trick or treating last night.

Well, day shift #1 - up way too early in the morning. Some ungodly hour where it's still dark out. Do you know how cold it is at that early morning time? Whoa baby! Get in to work, and it's not that busy of a day to start out. I get assigned to two ladies. One had her baby the day before, and was on magnesium post delivery for preeclampsia. The second woman was having twins, on magnesium for preterm labor, and was 29-ish weeks. Both stable. However, it did make for a long day, doing hourly mag checks (reflexes, lung sounds, pulse ox, emptying foleys, assessing for PES s/s on the delivered mom, plus regular basic activities of daily living.) Helped out on some births too in my time between hourly rounds. I ate too much food too. That's the problem with work - ANY shift in the hospital - the constant availability of food and the subsequent grazing all day/eve/night.

Day shift #2 - up at ungodly o'clock again. Still cold outside. Still dark on my way in. Feeling hungover, but didn't drink any alcohol the night before. It's Halloween today! You know what that means - FOOD GALORE! Any reason to bring food in for an impromptu party at work. I was a good girl and brought in veggies and dip. I'm assigned to a laboring woman, having baby #1. She was just recently admitted, and was going to get some pitocin to help move her labor along. Contractions on admission were piddly, and she had ruptured membranes, plus she wanted to just "get the show on the road". Okie dokie. Get pitocin started, get antiobiotics going for +GBS, and before I could blink, she was ready for an epidural. Get her comfy, and encourage her to nap. Cause goodness knows, her nurse would love a nap right about now. I settle for a cup of coffee instead. Run down to the pharmacy to pick up a med for another nurse's patient (a controlled substance, so a tech is not allowed to pick it up). Come back up, graze at some of the food spread out in the break room. My lady is moving right along nicely with her dilation.....3.....5........6........8......time for me to head to lunch. Recheck my lady....10/+3! Time to push! Midwife comes in, and my patient rather quickly becomes a new momma! YEAH!! I'm so proud (and surprised!) at how wonderful of a pusher she was. Evening shift comes on, as I'm finishing up most of her recovery time, and I sign out to the next nurse.

By the way, I did collapse on the couch at home after working both days. Day shift...whew! I never did really feel like I woke up until about 10-11am on each day.

Working evenings the next two nights. YEAH!!
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