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Day one with the new visiting rules

Posted Oct 27 2009 11:00pm

So far, so good. Not nearly as much traffic (people) coming in and out of L&D. Believe me, it gets annoying as $hit when you're constantly hearing people ring the desk, and someone yelling "the door please!". The phones are ringing much, MUCH less. YEAH!

It was so much easier taking care of laboring women when you're not having to trip/jump/bump/"excuse me" around 70 million people in the labor room. Ok, so I exaggerate about 70 million people. But when the "watchers" out-number the actual labor support, then you know it's time to start kicking people out of the room.

So far, people have been very understanding about the reasons for the new rules. I think it's helpful that the powers-that-be changed the "one person" rule to two people for L&D.

I had a very, umm, interesting patient on my shift. Won't go into the finer details, but she was very unique. The highest level of anxiety I have ever seen. I'm willing to bet that she has some sort of underlying disorder/disease related to her mental health status. She tried my patience by the end of the evening.

Her doctor pissed me the hell off though. Listen dude, I *KNOW* what amniotic fluid looks and more importantly SMELLS like. Would you actually listen to me when I'm telling you that your preterm super-grand multip is ruptured and is in rip roaring labor? Don't question it or poo-poo me when I'm trying to tell you, in multiple versions of the english/medical language that she has ruptured her membranes. AND that she is going to deliver her baby post-haste. Dude! My spidey-nurse sense wasn't just was ringing loudly enough to cause my ears to explode!
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