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Dark brown vaginal discharge.

Posted by katese

I'm 18 and a virgin. Usually, i have regular periods but skip one 2 months ago. Last month, I have my normal period. However, about 2-3 weeks after that period, I've been having brown vaginal discharge. At first, it's small and only slightly brown. 2 days later, I've been having thick dark brown vaginal discharge for 2 days. They are about 2 inches long on my panty liner, but not that wide. There's a slight smell, which i think is the smell of the inside of my body? I have had this before several times but usually, they are after masturbation. 


So, what is it? I'm worried but I don't want to make a big deal of it and go and see the doctor since it's been only 2 days.

Any suggestion?

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As I've noted in several of my blog posts & answers, one's menstrual cycle can vary and be quite irregular depending upon weight, stress, nutrition, age etc.  In young women in whom one's hypothalamic-pituitary axis hasn't matured, one's menses tend to be more irregular in nature.  Recall that your menses represents shedding of your uterine lining, so it makes sense that more flow is red and less is brown, corresponding to some extent to the time your body has had to digest and manipulate the blood.  


In women who are sexually active, we have to worry about transmission of infections, especially if one's vaginal discharge has a funny, foul or fishy odor to it.  Your sexuality is obviously a personal decision.  If you've already made a decision & committment to remain abstinent until marriage, there probably isn't much about which to worry.  


However, if you're just waiting for your Prince Charming to sweep you off your feet, then you might want to get ready (even if you aren't really planning for him) by at least getting vaccinated against HPV (human papilloma virus) which can cause cervical cancer.  


Assuming that you don't want any children right now, you might consider taking birth control pills just to regular your periods.  Of course, oral contraception doesn't prevent sexually transmitted diseases so you'll need to insist that your partner wear a condom each & every time just to be sure. 

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