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Dangers of datafurnishing: Sites like Peek You continue to furnish consumer information without notification

Posted Feb 17 2011 7:36am
Written by Alexis Moore
The datafurmishing industry is growing and so are the number of stalking, cyberstalking and stalking incidents.

Sites like Peek You are making it extremely difficult for anyone to maintain any level of privacy. Worse however, is the way that Peek You and others treat those who are victimized by crime and desire to be removed from their databases. It is nearly impossible.

The datafurmishing companies like Peek You that provide a person's home address, age and other identifying information to anyone only makes it easier for perpetrators to stalk and cyberstalk or worse.

Stalking victims, domestic violence victims, members of law enforcement and our nation's public officials need to find ways to work together to protect the public including our youth who are jeopardized by datafurnishing companies like Peek You and others.

I have been lobbying for a consumer notification program since 2004. There is no stopping the billion dollar data furnishing companies but there are ways to protect the public-Mandatory Consumer Notification being one way.

Mandatory notification to consumers when datafurnishing sites like Peek You provide their personal information is an easy step for these companies to help protect the public from id theft, cyberstalking or worse death. The datafurnishing companies already have the consumers address and personal information so notifying them that their private records are being furnished to 3rd parties should be law.

Stalking victims like Peggy Klinkle and Amy Lynn Boyer lost their lives from being stalked by perpetrators utilizing the information obtained from the datafurnishing industry. These are only two victims that authorities have documented and that the media has reported. Since there deaths little has changed and the datafurnishing business has continued to grow and flourish.

I know of thousands of others who have had their own personal struggles with privacy protection because of the datafurnishing industry. It is time for our public officials to react and to help protect the public.
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