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Crime Victims Battling with NYS Crime Victims Compensation Program

Posted Jan 27 2010 12:00am

On January 12th I traveled to Brooklyn to attend my appeal hearing with the NYS CVB. For an entire year, I have been battling with this state compensation program because they have been delaying, denying, and dragging out the entire compensation process for me. Although I believed I was the only victim in NYS that was being failed by this state program, there seems to be MANY victims of innocent crimes in NY that are going through the same battle without end.

January 12th was my last day. What does that mean? I vowed that that day would be the last day I would battle against this almighty power, and I would do what most domestic violence victims being failed by the NYS CVB do, quit. Sitting in that seat at the appeal hearing, sitting across from the Commissioner, Joan Cusack, a domestic violence victim herself, I thought I might have a shot, and that the CVB would actually approve my claim. Joan gave me the impression that she fully sympathized with my case and understood the challenges and barriers many DV victims struggle through, being a victim herself. After I gave my speech under oath, Ms. Cusack gave me another impression that she already had her decision about my claim, and that my case "was priority". I thought there would be no more delays in the process, and that they would deny me again, quickly, at least taking the wait out of it...

As the month comes to a close, no response from the NYS Crime Victims Board. No denial, no acceptance, no nothing. Still waiting for an answer after all this time. About a month ago, I posted a piece I thought was important. I wrote about the NYS CVB monitoring victims blogs, spending a lot of time during their work days reading through our websites. I still feel strongly about that post and the message it brings: These funded agencies should be spending less time reading through blogs on the clock, and more time going through victims applications and claims.

No more delays and less time spent blogging, Crime Victims Board!
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