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Crickets Chirping

Posted Jun 05 2009 4:19pm

Sorry for the relative muteness this week.  This week has worn on me like a new shoe - only less pretty and uplifting.  So, maybe more like a heavy backpack.  Yeah - that's it.  A heavy backpack on top of a bra strap.  Not enough to cause a blister, but it will leave some of those weird red hickey lines.

This week was work-heavy, emotionally-ragged, economically-challenged, but tinged with moments of complete wonder.

To wit, Caroline's first long sentences:

"That poop is stinky!"
"Where did Daddy go?"
"Dis mine; dis Ha-Ha's." (referencing shoes)

All the sudden she's a fully-fledged little girl.  Who let that happen?!

p.s. I owe you some Moxie No-Yellin' follow-up.
p.s. I'm sure I owe you some other stuff, too.  Um,... do you have an installment plan?

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