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Posted Jul 07 2008 7:17pm
It was Crazy - with a capital "C" - last night at work. Oh holy Hannah! The floodgates were open, and we were body slamming against those gates to try to shut them, but the pregnant women burst forth 2x2!

We started out with a full unit, and it stayed that way through the entire shift.

I started out with a multip with an epidural, 7cm at last check. When I went to straight cath her around 4pm, she started crowning. Flipped on the call light for assistance -- need a delivery table, peds for meconium, and oh yeah, could I have a doctor or midwife please? Her doctor was catching a baby in another room, so a midwife came in to catch the babe.

Whew! One down, a thousand more to go..........

Next up, I admitted a woman for an urgent c/s for preeclampsia, and had to also start magnesium sulfate for her. Admit - check. IV site with labs - check. Mag started - check. Go back for c/s - check. Recover her in PACU - check. Get her back to L&D on mag - check.

Then the clean up - charting up the wazoo, and going through my list of things to do for all of the paperwork/charges/documentation/etc.

Sign off to the night shift - oh holy heck yes!! NIGHT SHIFT IS HERE!!!

I went home exhausted.

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