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Cranio Sacral Therapy for Victims of Domestic Violence...

Posted Oct 02 2009 3:07pm

Today I experienced my first session of Cranio Sacral Therapy for the many pains I have throughout my body, pain from being battered and pain from the stress of dealing with this type of abuse in my past. I met Susan Hovey Cohen at my chiropractor's office about a year ago and it was then when she introduced me to the idea of healing the body with gentle touch, or Cranio Sacral Therapy. For those of you who don't know me very well, I have been in pain for years now. First the pain started at my leg, after it was broken by my husband, and that pain has made a permanent home in my neck and spine, causing me grief and suffering most days of the week. I've become a ball of knots and anger, knots I can't untangle myself, and anger I can't rid myself of. To be honest with you, I haven't been able to relax, really relax in years--thus, these knots, this anger, this bitterness about my health and past, have festered and overwhelmed my body. I've learned that sometimes we need a whole team of people to help us overcome the physical and emotional pain we are left with in the end, sometimes we need multiple therapies in order to find the right kind of relief. In my case, I have been physically suffering for a long time with paralyzing neck pain and shooting leg pains from physical trauma. So, after years of seeing many people for my physical problems, I've decided to add one more, Susan Hovey Cohen, who opened up my mind and brought me into the world of Cranio Sacral Therapy.

I walked into Susan's studio, a bit skeptical, but willing to give myself over to her passion, the healing power of gentle touch therapy. I lied on her table and she began softly manipulating different parts of my over-stressed body, my leg, my back, my head, my knotted up neck. During the hour of therapy she talked me through the trauma I had been through, she was trying to rid my body of this negative memory I hold all too closely, and my body began to slip away into a kind of relaxation I hadn't felt in years. This type of therapy promotes the body to self-correct and release stress by using light-touch techniques wherever restrictions are found by the therapist. By freeing the central nervous system, this therapy works on eliminating pain naturally and allows the body to self-correct and enhances the quality of life. After the hour was over, I sat up and immediately felt well rested and I noticed a soreness on the right side of my body, almost as if I was holding tension in that place before the session started and it was now released. Needless to say, I am sharing this with my readers because it is something I would recommend to anyone going through chronic pain, post-traumatic stress disorder, CNS disorders, or Fibromyalgia etc.

Every so often I hear from survivors of domestic violence that still have health problems, post-traumatic stress disorders, permanent damage from abuse--sometimes it is best to combine therapies, and for me, this is a therapy that not only works on the physical aspects of a trauma, but also the emotional baggage we carry around with us in our bodies and minds.

Below is Susan's contact information, she is now offering a recession rate for victims of abuse, $40 for a 1 hour session at her studio, well worth it...

for more information please contact:

Cranio Sacral Therapist
Susan Hovey Cohen
Piermont, NY
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