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Cramp like pain under my stomach

Posted by emily@truman

I've been having this random cramp like pain under my stomach. I'm guessing my ovaries... I'm not sure. The thing is, I'm not on my period. I'm on Birth Control, but I have been since January. I'm concerned with what is causing it and if I should seek medical help.
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Please understand my position - there's no way that I can advise you not to seek medical help.  So if you're concerned about your health, I will always tell you to get checked out by your family physician.  If I do anything else, I'm just setting myself up for malpractice.  That's why you'll always hear from physicians on any reputable online forum that you need to get evaluated by your health care provider.


With that said, anatomically speaking, the stomach is just a small portion of the abdomen & pelvis cavity which shares a large space from under the ribcage down to the hip bones.  Within this area you have your stomach & ovaries, but also your liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, intestines (small & large plus appendix), and uterus.  Of course, you organs typically (but not always) stay put.  So ovarian pain is typically left lower or right lower quadrant pain, if you can imagine dividing your "stomach" into fourths via perpendicular lines intersecting at your belly button (umbilicus).  Pain that is centered right beneath your ribcage is more likely to be stomach or pancreas or even gallbladder.


Mittelschmerz is ovarian pain that occurs monthly just before your period assuming that you don't become pregnant.  It's described as pain due to ovulation.  It can occur regularly or not.  Not every woman will notice it.  With that said, hormonal birth control pills should inhibit ovulation.  So my take home point is this - if you're concerned about what's causing this random pain, then you need to get evaluated by your family physician.  Good luck!

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