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Could you please tell me what this continual vaginal brown discharge may be?

Posted by el

hi i am 38years old and hav two grown children, my period has always been very regular and predictable although my last period about 3 weeks ago caused me more abdominal discomfort than usual and I did not bleed properly, I have had a brown discharge which is still continuing with on off abdominal discomfort, I saw my doctor and she just sent me for a pregnancy test which came back clear and has since told me not to worry, I am concerned as my period is usually predictable and last between 3-5 days, I was thinking of going for a second opinion, could you please tell me what it may be, if anything. thank you. el
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You know hormones play such a big part in how our bodies work.   They play such a big part when things are not right.  Many women are not knowledgeable as to how hormones operate in our bodies not only during memopause but at any time during our female life.   Check out items on this site about hormones or check out another site I like and that is

Please help, I am 52 years old. I have had chemo for breast cancer, I am in my six year cancer free. The chemo shut my period down and I have not had one in that time until now. The cramping started very hard in what seemed like my left ovary, then traveled to my pelvic. When I went to the bathroom, I notice blood the size of a half dollar. With meds the pain subsided and the no more show of the discharge. This happened last month. Now this month is happing occured again yesterday. Same story, but today I am cramping with only a very light pink discharge. My question is, because the chemo shut it down, I didnt have memopause like a normal person, could it be coming back and my body going through it.


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