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Could this be the result of a ruptured Bartholin Gland Cyst?

Posted by LisaT

I had recently noticed some discomfort on the innermost part of my labia.  At first the symptom reminded me of the onset of a yeast infection but the itching was very mild.  The itching was replaced by a mild discomfort similar to a painful pimple but only to the touch in the general area and occassionally when walking or sitting a particular way.  I finally did a search and came up with Bartholin Gland Cyst as a possible diagnosis.  So, I proceded to gently probe the area and felt what I thought was a small size bump possibly pea-sized.  I then noticed something dangling (like skin) and however gently I pulled and removed it.  It was a indeed a very thin piece of skin (almost like when moist skin is peeled on a sunburn).  I immediately pulled out a mirror and noticed that there was a small pea-sized lesion in the sensitive area but not an actual lump like I would expect if the cyst were intact.  I have been married for 20 years and do not believe that my husband has transmitted herpes to me, although I do suffer from the type which affects my lips when I experience a great deal of stress or anxiety.  I take oral medication for that and I am extremely careful to wash my hands before and after using the restroom.  Is it possible that the small lesion I see is what is left after having a bartholin cyst rupture?  The pain is not excessive just moderately uncomfortable at worst.  I noticed the pain approximately 4 days ago but only the lump last evening.
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