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Could I have gotten some type of fungal infection. I also run a slight fever with headaches. PLEASE - WHAT COULD THIS BE AND W

Posted by lindagshe

I woke from rectal surgery with a SEVERE Burning throat -  it was so bad they had to give me a pain shot - but NO PAIN FROM MY RECTUM for which I had just had surgery for. within 2 days nausea set in by late afternoon, then a 2-3 days later the nausea started within 2-3 hours of waking up - still the really bad burning in my throat.  It's so bad it puts me in the bed - it's debilitating.  They say it's not Candadice but could it be  fungal infection??  All I know is this is the dickest I'bve EVER been in my life and it's been going on for 6 months now.  I've taken the lozenges (3 5 day supplies) and the Magic Mouthwash (4-5 bottles).   

I've been to 2 gastroentologist and test ran showed no reflux, etc.  Today the ENT again, and he said - HE DOES'NT know what it could be or what to do for me.  He did an xray of my sinuses - which I told him - THIS IS NOT MY SINUSES.  Once the test was complete - he said "well, you're right, your sinuses are find so I just don't know what to tell you. 




 I have been going thru these surgeries/biopsies every 6 months and Nsince Jan., 2008 and have NEVER had anything like this happen.  This was a new doctor and the procedure done on 9/30/09. 

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