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Could fibroids cause bloating and stomach pain or is it something else

Posted by carterb

I've been diagnosed after an internal exam of having a possible fibroid, I am post menopause and although its is rare to have fibroids after menopause I have been told can happen.

Last night I was taken to see an emergency doctor as I felt sick and had stomach cramps (felt like period pain), fluttering sensation in my stomach and dark urine and my stomach bloated and made me look pregnant (I'm 62) and I just feel unwell.  The doctor said I have a water infection and prescribed tablets for this but I still have persistant cramps and bloated 'pregnant' stomach and don't want to get out of bed.  I just keep taking painkillers and sitting with a hot water bottle.  Am also scared whatever is bloating my stomach could burst!

I don't seem to have been given any answers to what this is or if its linked to fibroids and now am getting worried sick cause looking symptoms up points to all sorts of serious things. I have blood tests and a scan but not till late next week not sure I or my family can cope till then.

Thanks for any help cause the doctors have gone from saying I have IBS and then not really giving me any answers.  I also had my gallbladder removed 3 months ago and not sure if this could be linked?



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