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Cord blood banking

Posted Oct 04 2013 12:36pm
Let's talk about cord blood banking -- would you do it?  Have you done it?  Would you do it again with future children?  Have you known anyone who actually used the banked cord blood for their child?

I'm up in the air for my opinion on cord blood banking.  For now, it seems too much in the experimental stage for it to be worth it to (personally) financially invest in commercial cord blood banking.  I would consider donating cord blood for research, but I have never actually done it.  Since my childbearing days are over, it doesn't really matter what *I* would do anyway.

At this point in time, I think it's more important to allow newborns to have their cord blood via delayed cord clamping.  This is how I practiced in clinicals (unless the parents were doing commercial cord blood banking), and this is how I plan to practice as a midwife.

Side note: I also do no clamp and cut nuchal cords, if I possibly can.  I somersault the baby through the nuchal cord.
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