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Competition and awareness

Posted Oct 18 2009 10:05pm
Before I talk about some exciting news- I want to do some quick updates. Things seem to be going smoothly. I'm still going to physical therapy once a week in New York and it gets easier every time I go. I really do think within this next year I am finally going to be rid of this. I have started using dilators every night and while using them I do hip stretches and exercises. Hopefully this will help increase blood flow and make my skin healthier.

As you can see there are some new changes to this website. First of all, I made a motivational playlist for your listening pleasure while you are reading. These songs have gotten me through many tough times and I hope they help you in some way.

Also, to the right you can see that I just entered into Wellsphere's HealthBlogger competition. I've decided to enter in hopes of providing more awareness about vulvar vestibulitis and vulvodynia. I've read too many personal emails from women who are too scared or embarrassed to talk about their problems and don't know where else to turn. I've been to too many doctors who either do not even know what my condition is or give incorrect medical advice. Change must happen. So I'm hoping to do well in this competition in order to educate even more people about what we have to go through every day. Please click the vote button on the right side, and submit your votes on Wellsphere. We can do this!

Finally (sorry to overwhelm you), I sent out the following message to a few of my friends. This letter also has a lot to do with all of my readers, who have been there for me numerous times. I'm reposting it to thank you all, and to also encourage you to send a similar message to your own support systems. Too often people don't realize the difference they make in your life until it's too late.

Dear friends old and new,

I'm currently writing this in my notebook as I ride the train into New York. I watched something this morning that has overwhelmed me with gratitude and inspired me to reach out to each of you. I am facing my share of struggles, but they have not and will not break me. This is only because I have the strongest support system one could hope for. Each of you has made an impact on my life. Each of you has lessened my pain in some way, whether big or small.

A mass message may seem silly, but I felt compelled to offer my thanks. We might not be that close and we might not still be in touch, but I have memories with each of you that make up the person I am today. Many of you do not realize the difference you have made in my life. Things as small as listening to my fears and complaints, driving me to doctor appointments, making me smile and making me laugh, encouraging me, dancing with me, holding me, helping me catch up with my work, and many many others. The little things matter. And they have been my best medicine over the past two years.

As I sit here today, I am more at peace than I have ever been. And it's because I know what ever mountain lies in my path ahead, I don't have to climb it alone. I wish I could give back to each of you the strength you have given me. I am so grateful. Thank you.

Have a great day and don't forget to vote!
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