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Comment on Tubal Reversal After Ablation: Pregnancy Advice by Kathie G

Posted Dec 23 2009 12:50pm

After all of my research, it seems that there is not enough data compiled to give me an accurate picture of my chances of success- 0.9% pregnancy rate was listed as accidental. Were most of these women using birth control as directed following the procedure? There are no measurements of the linings due to 112 out of 113 pregnancies being accidental and a percentage of those being purposefully aborted. Do you have any information on the successful planned pregnancy following ablation and tubal reversal? Was a specific report of that woman’s pregnancy, birth, complications, etc…submitted? If so, did she make it available to the public? It seems there is little information for someone in my position with which to make an informed decision. The listed risks make a huge difference in my decision but it seems my situation is very different from everyone else primarily in that my ablation was a failed procedure. I was not able to access full case studies from the links in your article on endometrial ablation, only very brief summaries that did not answer my questions. Can you help me find more detailed information with which to make an educated decision regarding my course of action, if any? Thank you for your time.

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