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Comment on Tubal Reversal After Ablation: Pregnancy Advice by Dr. Monteith

Posted Dec 23 2009 12:51pm


You are correct – there is not a lot of information for a woman who has had an ablation to determine what her individual chance is of pregnancy after endometrial abalation. I would also presume there will likely never be any seriously helpful information. Who will study this and how would such a study ever be done?

I also think it could be misleading to try and extrapolate what your risks would be based on any individual factors discussed in a case report. Any attempt to do so could be an attempt to rationalize yourself into a false sense of security. Admittedly, a large number of reported pregnancies are after balloon endometrial ablation.

If you would like more information you will probably have to go to a medical library and look up the citations for more information (unless you internet access to medical journals).

Unfortunately, the best conclusions I can come to at this time are:

1. Pregnancy is possible after ablation if you are having regular menstrual periods.
2. This risks of pregnancy after ablation are miscarriage, preterm pregnancy loss, and placental abnormalities.
3. Individuals will have to decide if they are willing to take these risks- but this same point could be made about the decision of any woman to become pregnant even in the absence of any risk factors.

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