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Comment on Pain After Tubes Tied: A Symptom of Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome? by OGECHI EZEAGU

Posted Dec 22 2009 8:10pm 2 Comments

I had a tubal ligation when I was 21 years old after having my 3rd child…after 15 hours of hard labor the doctors had to do an emergency c-section…and during that time I had been given lots of meds for pains…all I remember is a nurse coming to my bedside with a paper authorizing me to have a tubal ligation due to the fact that I was unmarried and so young with three children…I asked her would I be able to get them untied and she said yes so I signed and the doctors did my tubal during the c-section….I am now 30 years old and for the last 8 1/2 years I have had so many medical issues ….depression, anxiety, extremely heavy painful menstrual cycles(in which I have to use 2 overnight pads in the daytime and a super tampon) I also have to take 800mg ibuprofen which knocks me out cold….and most times I bleed through my pads tampons and clothes a few times a day…I get extreme pain in my legs and they hurt so bad until they feel numb….I get severe hot flashes….and I have been from doctor to doctor all they give me are medications and no cure….and in order to reverse this tubal ligation I was told I would have to pay nearly 10,000.00 out of my pocket….I am very low income and a single parent and Medicaid paid for the tubal ligation so why wont they pay for the reversal? I am starting to believe that this is a conspiracy because I was not educated on these severe side effects….

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