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Charge nurse role: a hate/hate relationship

Posted Feb 08 2011 5:48pm
Ok, so my charge nurse orientation? Might as well have just never had orientation. Day #1 of 2 for orientation and I was pretty much running solo the whole shift as charge (and having a patient assignment too).

You know what? I don't like being in charge. I like being "just" a staff nurse, with an assignment, and taking care of my patients. I don't like giving sub-standard care to patients, and trying to make everything run smoothly (or rather, putting out the fires left and right).

Yep, I'm a nurse. Proud of it. Love to care for laboring women, sick pregnant women, new families.

Don't like: being in charge, figuring out patient assignments, running the OR staffing, readjusting patient assignments, trying to pull more nurses out of my ass for patients that are sent from the office and need admitted, figuring out lunch relief, providing multiple other nurses lunch relief because some lazy ass nurses who I assign to relieve them won't do it (or come up with excuses why they can't relieve another nurse), nurses get angry because they don't get lunch relief til 2pm (well, I would be too, hypoglycemia sucks), and the constant ringing of the charge nurse phone. That doesn't even cover everything I have to do when in charge, but that is quite enough to mention.

Oh, and I'm "orienting" to charge nurse again tomorrow, then will be "in charge" on Thursday.

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