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Change your attitude and change your life.

Posted Aug 14 2008 10:25am
Have you ever noticed how when one person gets upset and complains that many people around them will begin to take on that attitude? I witnessed that this week. I noticed so many women at a recent event who were so negative about their surroundings. When I see that I so often wonder how their life must be. In looking further you often find they are not happy in pretty much anything in their life. And you wonder why. If you have such a negative attitude about everything around you, most likely everything will follow that line of thought.

I try and make a concentrated effort most days to look for the better, smile and say something nice instead of negative. Most often, things really turn around to the positive for me. For instance, I was very upbeat and friendly to the hotel desk when asking for a delayed checkout time. Well, he said, that day was going to be a challenge, but yes, I could have what I requested. That kind, friendly attitude also got some extra charges taken off my bill. I questioned it, asked for some clarification, in a very nice manner, and after our discussion, the clerk offered to take some of it off. And that was something she did not have to do. How great is that.

Don't get me wrong. I encountered several wonderful upbeat women this week. They are so positive and have such amazing lives. And I believe that is why. They seek out the good, they give so much of themselves and they are so delightful to be around. How could anything go wrong for them? My wish is that those who are so negative, take a lesson.

Changing your attitude and outlook can really change your day. It certainly has changed mine.

That is why I love sites like the Secret and John Assaraf . They are so upbeat and encourage success in everyone.

Kim and I have witnessed so many people and successes based on this simple theory. Our good friend, Kathy Seibert , who we have mentioned as a big inspiration to us lived this way and was such a wonderful example and inspiration to everyone she met. We still, now that she is gone, bring her up in conversation as an example of just how much this can impact your life.

I love the little item we have on our site - Seven Ways to Restart Your Day . Some things to think about if you are about to let something get you off to the wrong start for the day.

As many of you know, I have a difficult time reading entire books, I just can't keep that focus, but as I go through magazines, and self help books, as well as the Internet , I find so many inspiring items that I reflect back on when I need a push in the right direction. Check out this short item I just mentioned above or looking into sights like the secret or Louise May. Attitude can make a difference!
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