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cervix position, is it lower during menopause?

Posted by car

Does the vagina shrink during the menopasue, thus making the cervix lower.  In women who have had children? What is a normal position?
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Your cervix can certainly drop or prolapse with age and become more noticeably out of place during menopause.  This is typically associated with numerous vaginal deliveries.  The mucosa or lining of the vagina does tend to dry out during menopause, which can make sexual relations more uncomfortable.  There may also be some relative shortening as the cervix and uterus drops down or prolapses.  The bladder and even the rectum can also prolapse and fall out of position, especially if there has been multiple vaginal deliveries or even a single traumatic delivery such that the muscles never healed well.  Of course there are also surgeries to put things back where they should be and correct the complications of urinary incontinence and/or retention as well as fecal incontinence and/or retention.  Hope this answers your question.
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