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can you carry a baby with a cervical prolapse, or after surgery to treat this condition?

Posted by amb8322

I can feel the soft tissues in my vagina sagging, my cervix is maybe 2in up when it used to be very far up and back. My GYN used to have a difficult time getting to it for Paps. I have severe urgency when I have to urinate, pee when I cough/sneeze, and sex is very painful where it was not before I had my son 2 1/2 yrs ago. I have lower back pain that is constant, especially when I have to use the restroom. I am not obese, 5'9'', 148lbs. I spend alot of time on my feet as I am a Med Surg RN. I am only 25 and am really concerned with if I will be able to carry another pregnancy...and if this gets treated can I carry a baby then?  
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