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Can stress delay period?

Posted by malieas

hi My question is as follows: I normaly have irregular periods. However, During the month of Dec and Jan it was exactly 28 days and just had a baby back in Oct. Is it normal to have periods go up to 30 to 40 days after last one? Can stress be a factor cause im also shedding hair more than normal.
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Yes & yes!  First, congratulations on your new baby!  One of the most common events after childbirth and hospitalization/severe illness is loss of hair.  This same stress can alter your menstrual cycle, making it either shorter or longer (I'm describing the time between menses).  The fact that your menstrual cycle was exactly 28 days apart was probably more fluke than anything else if it's usually irregular.  Only time will tell so while you're waiting, enjoy your baby!  Best wishes!  PS  Your hair will stop shedding and will grow back.  It's just a temporary response to the stress of childbirth.
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