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Can someone please help me with my question below? Estradiol level was 692 last week and 779 as of yesterday's blood draw.

Posted by connor726

Hi there, I had an ovary removed two months ago for multiple complex cysts. They saw two smaller cysts on the other ovary but decided not to take it (I am 36.)  Due to gaining 18 lbs in the last 4 weeks and feeling that something wasnt right, they had me go in for bloodwork.  All looked fine except my estradiol level which was 692. Thinking it was lab error, they had me go back in for more it's 779.  I go in tomorrow for an ultrasound on my other ovary, but until then...I am going out of my mind. What would make this be so high, what can i do to not feel so horrible, and what will they most likely do? I am done having kids so hysterectomy is fine...just would like to know more about this. Thanks in advance.

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