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can having a large uterus be realllly painful?

Posted by chika

i just had laparoscopic and hysteroscopic surgery done to find the source of my pain, thinking it was endo.  although i did not want to have surgery, to find out why i am always in so much pain on my periods i had the surgery.  at the follow up the dr told me they found nothing and i have a very large uterus for a person my size.  the byopsies show no endo. nothing.  there was one pic. he showed me of inside me it was all pink stuff like my belly skin from the inside maybe but not an organ, and it had little black speckles everywhere. he assured me they took a byopsie there too and results showed nothing.  i just want to know why i am in so much pain and what can be done.
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try using the herb cramp bark made by Iris herbal medicine
thank you.  i just am to the point where i have been dealing with these painful and abnormal periods for 14 years now and cant find a solution.  tried birth control and it regulates but does nothing for the pain.  i was told i had a septated uterus once when i was younger that had ironically shown up on an MRI i had done for something else.  then when i got this lap. hyst. surgery, the dr said i dont have a septate, just abnormally large uterus.  he says im not abnormal, but definately not normal.  he put in an iud at the surgery hoping it would cause less painful periods so i guess i have to wait and see if it helps, although i dont feel it will because it is basically the same thing as the pill and that didnt help. i am to a point where i just cant take the pain anymore and i cant take not knowing whats causing it.   my ovaries are fine, my uterus is fine, everything seems fine to the drs, but i know something is wrong because i know the extent of my pain.
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