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Can Cervical Ectropion / Erosion mask cervical caner?

Posted by eurika

Hi, I'm 35 and I had a complete hysterectomy 9 yrs ago, only have my cervix. I've been on Femring (vaginal HRT) for 6 yrs. 2 yrs ago, started having bleeding after sex, and dark spotting, and a heavy discharge and saw my doc. She saw what she felt was Cervical Ectropion / Erosion. My cervix bled when she barely touched it with a swab. She took cultures to rule out any sort of infections, and they all came back normal. She told me not to worry that it would go away on its own. Went back last year in March for nxt yearly exam....symptoms persisted and worsened. Informed dr. also having deep pain for a few days after having sex. She noted that the Ectropion had not cleared up, and seemed to have gotten worse...covering larger area of cervix. She talked about me having cryosurgery to remove it, but that it could come back. My fear is...16 yrs. ago I had CIN 3 HSL dysplasia removed via cryosurgery. Since then I havent had a abnormal pap. Had the hysterecomy due to Adenomyosis, and until 2 yrs ago had no problems. Why would Ectropion now all of a sudden show up? I have been on the same HRT for over 6 yrs. Also, I am now having persistant pelvic pain, continued spotting after sex, heavy discharge, and have develpoped left sided flank pain (been praying it's not little kidney stones). I'm not due for about 4 more months till my next pap.  Should I be worried? Should I get a second opinion before I consider her doing the cryosurgery? Will it even help? Should I continue to dismiss this as benign cervical condition and see if it will go away on it's own like my Dr. said? It has been 2 yrs. now. How long does it take?

Thank You

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