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can BV cause swollen lymphnodes in chest

Posted by mistyv

my clue cells are crazy...and that suggests BV. Does that explain the diagnosed swollen lymphnodes in my chest?
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BV or bacterial vaginosis is typically caused by Gardnerella vaginalis.  Clue cells are epithelial cells covered by these bacteria.  The infection is associated with a fishy odor, a frothy, yellowish-greyish vaginal discharge, and a higher pH than normal.  This is a localized, not systemic, conditon so it should not lead to swollen lymph nodes, certainly not in one's chest.


Typically, one is not aware of swollen lymphnodes in one's chest.  In the neck, arm pit, and groin, yes, but inside one's chest?  No, at least not by physical exam alone.  However, there may be a comment on xray or CT scan, which then brings up the question of why was it ordered?  Certainly not to evaluate BV!


Best to go back to your family physician or whoever informed you of the swollen lymph nodes and ask for an explanation and further evaluation.  Good luck! 

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