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Can abdominal tenderness and swelling be related to a syncope episode after an early miscarriage?

Posted by cjhatten

Went to ER yesterday after passing out in a parking lot after a moderate workout.  Low BP (even in trendlenberg), abdominal tenderness, and I am 2 weeks post-miscarriage very early on (4 weeks).  Chest xray normal, CBC amd BMP normal, H/H 11.3 (slightly below normal), urinalysis normal, HCG 7 (below 5 not preg, above 25 positive preg).  Given 1 1/2 liters of NS and BP came back into normal range.  Discharged from ER even though still had abdominal tenderness. They said to come back if it got worse.  I have had 3 miscarriages early on since February and have previously had 3 healthy pregnancies. Still have the tenderness but now swelling has occurred in the last 24 hours and seems to not be getting any worse but also not getting any better.  Not having any nausea/vomitting, dizziness, or any blood loss in stool but feel weak and have decrease energy.  Can anyone help me figure out what's gong on??
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