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can a person with hashimoto's do a 30 juice fast?

Posted by Roxy

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Sure, I suppose.  Anyone can do anything.  The bigger question is whether the action is harmful to you or someone else.  Also, as a family physician, I always like to ask why do you want to do something?  I'm not familiar with a 30 juice fast but I presume it's for weight loss and "detoxification" purposes.  Well, most people who cut down on their caloric intake will lose weight.  I suppose one could gain weight on the 30 juice fast by drinking "too much" juice but it's not likely.  As for detoxification, that's pretty controversial, at least among more mainstream physicians.  Anyone with ongoing medical issues such as Hashimoto's should undergo radical changes in diet under the supervision of their family physician.  In other words, get labs checked, during & after.  And perhaps find out if there are other alternatives to what's planned that might achieve the same goals with greater ease and lower risk.  Make sense?   Hope this helps.  Good luck!

Thank you for your response, I should have definately been more clear with my question, apologises. My concern is that I have read a number of articles and books that suggest Hashimoto suffers should not eat thyroid inhibiting goitrogen foods. The juices for the 30 day juice fast mainly consists of the "Green Juice" (Joe Cross 30 days juice fast) which contains kale and spinach. I don't understand why if this is an autoimmune disease, should I not be trying to take care of my immune system? And is having the juice all day every day for 30 days is going to do any harm.......I am very confused.

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