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can a pap smear trigger period to start early?

Posted by wendy120977

I had a Pap smear on Jan 23rd which caused me to spot for the remainder of the day on to the next. But on Sunday the 25th I woke up cramping and the spotting was more heavy and with lots of discharge. I still had one more week of birth control pills left before my period was due. Could the PAP have caused my period to start early? Or should I call my doctor back for a follow up?
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I just had the same thing happen to me...I'd love to know if you ever got an answer.
Nope..never got an I just stopped taking my pills and allowed my entire period to just come already. After a week the period ended nad I started my next set of pills. Apparently nothing was wrong with me cause I got my results back and it was normal. Guess it was a freak thing or the doc was exceptionally harsh..which he was actually.
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