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Breast Implant Surgery in New York

Posted May 20 2013 5:20am
New York is a destination with select plastic surgery facilities offering innovative body contouring procedures. These procedures are designed to improve the physical appearance of men and women, which in turn helps in improving self confidence and self esteem.

Breast implant surgery is one of the effective procedures provided to augment the breasts of a woman. This is a popular procedure that is safe and FDA approved, and is definitely worth considering if a woman is not happy with the way her breasts look.

Cosmetic Breast Surgery Using Breast Implants

Women choose breast implant surgery mainly because they are not happy with the size or shape of their natural breasts. Even though women may have perfect breast sizes, many of them wish to add a little more volume to the breasts to look and feel sexier. In some cases, breast augmentation is taken into consideration for firming up the breasts or for combating sagging and drooping breasts. The surgery provides a more feminine look and feel to women and enables them to regain their youthful figure.

The breast implants used are saline implants and silicone gel implants. Implant augmentation of the breasts also brings about a degree of lift where necessary. Women undergoing this surgery have to be physically healthy and maintain realistic expectations. The incision to place the implants will be made in the crease-line beneath the breast, in the armpit or at the lower edge of the areola. It is an outpatient procedure that requires around one to two hours. However, the time required may vary depending on individual conditions and the technique employed. Saline implants require only smaller incisions compared to silicone gel filled implants.

Both options are quite viable and are successful in satisfying the aesthetic requirements of women who opt for this procedure. An experienced plastic surgeon will help in choosing the right type of implant based on your specific concerns, budget and goals.

The Right Plastic Surgeon – a Very Important Consideration

When a woman is considering breast implantation using breast implants, finding a trustworthy surgeon is of utmost importance. Try getting recommendations from family members and friends. The Internet can be utilized to find out reliable information about surgeons who offer breast implant surgery in New York. After preparing a list of surgeons, visit their websites and check out the before and after photographs of previous patients. Read online reviews posted by patients. Make sure that the cosmetic surgeon you choose is sensitive to your requirements and is capable of meeting them.

Breast implant surgery will definitely help in increasing the self confidence of women. They start feeling good about themselves and develop a positive attitude towards life. New York has some of the best plastic surgeons as well as some of the best plastic surgery centers in the world.
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