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Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer - A Great Option for Women

Posted Feb 12 2013 6:23am

Breast augmentation with fat transfer or fat grafting is a procedure in which the surgeon removes excess fat from one part of the body and uses it for augmenting the breasts. In comparison with implants, this procedure is more advantageous because it offers more natural-looking results. Lipo with fat transfer for breast augmentation enjoys great demand as a procedure that ensures a more appealing body contour.


  Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Is Minimally Invasive

The treatment is considered patient friendly because it is minimally invasive. First, laser enabled technology is used for performing liposuction. The surgeon would insert a tiny cannula that delivers laser energy into the treatment areas such as the thighs, waist or abdomen, where adipose tissue is in abundance. Smartlipo Triplex, an advanced technology is the preferred choice of many plastic surgeons who specialize in providing laser liposuction. Cynosure has introduced this amazing body sculpting workstation. The device utilizes three unique laser wavelengths to disrupt excess fat, and tighten the skin. The fat harvested during liposuction is used for augmenting the breasts. Processing of the fat is done first, for removal of impurities. Then the fat is injected in specific breast areas for enhancement of contour, shape and volume. The procedure should ideally be performed by a skilled plastic surgeon to make sure that the fat graft adapts well to the new location.


What Are the Benefits of Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

  • It gives more natural results, compared to augmentation using breast implants.
  • There are minimal side effects. Since the fat from your own body is used, chances of rejection are very less.
  • There is minimal scarring and discomfort. Since the incisions are very small, there is no or very less scarring.
  • The recovery time is short. Normal routine can be resumed in very few days.
  • The results are long lasting.
  • The complications are minimal. Swelling and bruising are also minimal.

Patients who have excess fat in specific body areas have an added advantage with this procedure. When fat is removed via liposuction, an improved contour and shape is seen at the donor site. A natural and great looking outcome is ensured if the surgery is performed by an experienced surgeon.

A Skilled Surgeon Can Ensure the Best Results

It is important to choose the right surgeon for this procedure. It has been proved that the results depend a lot on the expertise of the surgeon and the techniques used. If the right technique is used, natural looking, long-lasting results can be obtained.
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