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Breast Augmentation - What You Should Know

Posted Oct 30 2012 3:50am
Basically, breast augmentation is a plastic surgery procedure to resize the breasts and make them more appealing. The procedure is also known by the names breast implantation or mammoplasty augmentation. Breast augmentation surgery enhances the bust line and contributes to a more feminine body contour.

Types of Breast Augmentation Procedures

Augmentation with surgical implants

In this procedure, surgical implants are used. Basically, there are two options available to patients, silicone gel filled implants and saline filled implants. These implants are FDA approved and therefore safe. Many women opt for silicone filled implants as they feel and look more natural, compared to saline ones. The surgeon may insert the implants through incisions placed in various positions, either through the edge of the areola, through an incision in the armpit or under the breast. An inch long incision is made for saline implants, whereas an inch and a half long incision is made in the case of silicone implants. The type of implants, age, current body mass, the anatomy of the breast and the diameter of the areola are some of the factors that are taken into consideration with regard to incision positioning. The surgeon may place the implant in a pocket, either behind the breast tissue, above the pectoral muscle or beneath the pectoral muscle.

Augmentation with fat transfer

A natural option available now is stem cell breast augmentation. With this, women get a chance to enlarge their breast using their own fat, instead of breast implants. Here, the surgeon would take the fat from the stomach or thigh of the patient and a portion of it would be processed, for extracting the stem cells. Then, it would be mixed with remaining fat. The surgeon would inject the mixture into the breast for enhancement of breast volume. Since the patient’s own body fat is used, the risk posed by any foreign or synthetic material inserted into the body is eliminated. Some benefits of this procedure include:

  • Effective and safe procedure
  • More natural procedure
  • Minimal risks / side effects
  • Reduced issues of rejection
  • Minimal discomfort or scarring
  • Fast recovery

Benefits of Breast Augmentation Procedure

Figure enhancement

The contours of the body are accentuated through breast enlargement or breast enhancement. A balanced look is created by augmentation mammoplasty.

Restoration of breast volume

After significant weight loss or pregnancy, the breasts may lose volume and sag. With breast augmentation, the shape, symmetry and the natural size of the breasts can be restored by a plastic surgeon.

Increased confidence and self esteem

When breasts are small, women may feel self-conscious or inadequate. Breast augmentation surgery that ensures fuller and more attractive breasts can significantly raise a woman’s confidence level and improve her self-esteem.
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