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Breast Augmentation Surgery Benefits

Posted Apr 29 2013 4:21am
Most women choose to undergo breast enlargement surgery for conditions such as changes in breast size after pregnancy or breast feeding, under developed breasts, and breast asymmetry and sagginess. When considering breast augmentation surgery, it is also important to know about the benefits this procedure can provide you.

Breast Enhancement – General Benefits

The major benefits of breast augmentation are from the aesthetic angle. This surgery can help you enhance your overall physical appearance by achieving:

>> Rounder and fuller breasts with increased breast volume: Breast enlargement can effectively increase the volume of your breasts, thereby providing a fuller and perkier bosom. Your breast shape really matters when considering the overall image.

>> More proportionate breasts: Women with one breast visibly different in shape and size from the other can benefit from this cosmetic breast surgery.

>> Improved self-esteem: Breast enhancement procedure can improve the physical appearance of women and thereby their self-esteem and self confidence.

>> More clothing options: Attaining the desired breast shape will allow you to enjoy a variety of clothing options. You can wear low cut tops, swimsuits and any fashionable outfits of your choice with more confidence.

Procedural Benefits

Apart from the general benefits discussed above, each breast augmentation procedure has its own advantages.

Breast implants: FDA approved saline and silicone gel implants can enlarge the breasts that are naturally small, and can also help in breast reconstruction. Breast lift or mastopexy procedure along with breast implant surgery can provide the best results. Along with increase in breast volume, this combined procedure can improve the sagginess of the breasts, thereby helping you achieve a more youthful bust line. Silicone implants are known for providing a more natural look and feel. These implants are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit any body type.

Fat transfer benefits: Fat grafting is an advanced procedure to enhance your breasts naturally with your own fat cells. Excess fat removed from the body through liposuction procedure is purified and injected into the breasts to increase the volume. Along with enlarged breasts, this procedure also contours the donor site. This minimally invasive procedure provides lasting results and reduces the risk of injecting any foreign materials into the body. You can also be free from implant related risks and complications.

How to Gain These Benefits

Only a plastic surgeon experienced in performing breast augmentation surgery can help you gain maximum benefits out of this procedure. During consultation the right physician will evaluate your age, health, breast anatomy, and cosmetic goals and choose the right breast augmentation procedure to help you achieve optimal outcomes.
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