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Breast Augmentation: Some Facts to Know

Posted Jun 17 2013 8:08am
Breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that is provided to enhance a woman’s breasts, adding more volume to them and improving the shape. This surgery is very important for women who link it with enhancement of self-confidence and body image, and also undergo it for corrective reasons. If you are considering breast augmentation surgery, it is important that you know some of the basic facts of this procedure.

>>  The number of women opting for breast augmentation surgery is steadily on the increase, which is a pointer towards the safety and efficacy of this surgical procedure.

>>  There are two options when it comes to breast implants, saline and silicone. Silicone implants have gained a lot of popularity owing to their soft and more natural appearance and feel.  Today, many people prefer silicone implants for procedures of breast reconstruction or for replacement of implants.

>>  Saline implants too are used very commonly these days. They consist of salt water filled in a silicone shell.

>>  If the implants are correctly inserted, there are no complications involved. Usually, around 6 weeks are required for recovering fully from this surgery. For the first 3 days, the patient should not involve in any kind of strenuous activities. This is important as there may be risks of implant slipping or hemorrhaging. The level of activity can be increased slowly and gradually.

>>  Breast enhancement can also be done via fat transfer. This is a more natural method of augmentation, which is highly effective.

>> Breast augmentation surgery is performed for a variety of reasons. Breastfeeding and pregnancy may leave the breasts deflated or droopy. It can greatly affect a woman’s level of happiness and self esteem. This surgery can effectively correct this issue and restore a more natural look and volume to the breasts.

>>  If girls under 18 years wish to opt for this surgery, parental consent is essential. Many surgeons are hesitant to perform the surgery on young women as it may require long-term follow up care and may affect the rest of their lives.

>>  There has been a lot of discussion with regard to the risks and dangers of silicone implants. People are concerned that if the implant ruptures or leaks, the risk of autoimmune disorders increases to a great extent. Symptoms of these include joint pain, swelling, redness, skin tightness, rash, general achiness, and fatigue.

Women who are taking this surgery into consideration should be completely informed of the facts, risks and benefits of the surgery. A reliable and experienced plastic surgeon can ensure attractive aesthetic results, helping his/her patients achieve their cosmetic goals and enjoy improved self confidence and self esteem.
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