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Breast Augmentation Recovery Time

Posted Jul 15 2013 10:09am
Anyone who is having plans for undergoing breast augmentation surgery should spare sufficient time for recovery if the best results are to be achieved. The recovery period can be minimized and comfort maximized if strenuous activities are avoided and the instructions of the surgeons are followed very closely.

Breast Augmentation Surgery Recovery – Some Important Points

Typically, it is advisable that your movement is limited and plenty of rest taken after this surgery. Straining, lifting and bending should be avoided as owing to this, healing may be delayed and pain may increase. Patients who don’t have to do strenuous activities can resume work after a period of one week. However, if the job is physically demanding, longer time may be needed before resuming work. Only the surgeon can determine whether resuming work is safe. The time taken for recovery greatly depends on the method that the surgeon has used for placing the implants. Specific instructions will be provided by the surgeon so that the recovery time for breast augmentation surgery becomes as painless and short as possible. If these instructions are followed carefully, you are sure to benefit from effective, long-lasting results.

The first 48 hours after the surgery is performed can be rather uncomfortable. You may experience fatigue and breast pain. Pain can be managed in most of the cases with the help of medications. However, there soreness, discomfort and fatigue may persist.  If possible, take a family member, spouse or friend for support during the recovery period. The surgeon will remove the gauze dressings that are applied to the breasts immediately after the surgery. After ten days, the surgeon will remove the stitches.

For some weeks after the breast augmentation surgery, patients may experience sensitivity of the breasts. They will be swollen for around 5 weeks. Until the sensitivity completely subsides, physical contact with breasts should be avoided to reduce the risk of delayed recovery and injury. Patients should wait at least for a month before they resume any strenuous exercise or other activities.

You should be careful and look after yourself well during the recovery period. If the required recovery time is not spared, injury can be caused to the breasts and ultimately more time will be needed for complete recovery. This will affect the results of the surgery. Have a detailed discussion with the surgeon about the process of recovery. This will help to gain a thorough understanding.

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