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Breast Augmentation Boston-Pop Culture Influencing Breast Enhancement

Posted Mar 31 2012 12:39pm


In Boston, breast augmentation has become increasingly popular over the past few years.  This is due in great part to Pop Culture which has for years made both men and women feel that they must follow their high standards in order to fit in with society.  Hollywood celebrities play a big role in influencing their fans into taking part of various trends.  It now seems as if plastic surgery is no longer something that people look down on.  People have become more open to it and see it as a great way to enhance your body until it reaches perfection. 


With the help of a qualified plastic surgeon Boston patients are able to enhance the overall appearance of their breasts.  Media and pop culture put a tremendous amount of pressure on women so that feel they need to have a slim body with the proportioned curves.  The most popular plastic surgery procedure among women is breast augmentation. For women, having breasts that are either too small can be a major issue.  Women with small breasts will often complain that they are self-conscious because of this issue.  They complain that they are unable to “fill” their clothing the way that they would like to. 

Although women with large breasts also complain that they are not happy, breast reduction is not nearly as popular as breast augmentation Boston.  Since large breasts have become a key attribute that society considers attractive, many women desire to have fuller looking breasts.  Most, if not all celebrities have large breasts. This is no coincidence; celebrities that were not born with full looking breasts have undergone breast augmentation to enhance their appearance.  The first step that you will need to take if you are considering breast enlargement is to consult a plastic surgeon that will be able to inform you on the different breast implants that are available.

The two most common implants which are used for breast enlargement are filled with silicone gel or saline and come in either a round or tear drop shape.  These breast implants are available in different cup sizes to give breasts a natural look while increasing their size. One common result of aging is that breasts begin to sag.  When this happens, breast augmentation is not the best option since it will not correct sagging of the breasts.  A breast lift is the best option for breasts that are experiencing the downside of pregnancy, nursing, and gravity.  During this procedure the breasts are lifted and raised by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue to reshape and support the new breast contour.  Often times, a plastic surgeon will recommend that the patient undergoes a breast augmentation and a breast lift to achieve the best results possible.


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