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Breast Augmentation – Popular among Women Desiring Youthful Breasts

Posted Jun 11 2013 6:16am
The procedure of breast augmentation involves resizing the breasts. Technically, breast augmentation surgery is also known as breast implantation or mammoplasty augmentation. This is a surgical process through which improvements can be brought about in the size, shape and appearance of a woman’s breasts. Sometimes, women opt for breast augmentation after pregnancy so that the breast volume lost owing to breast feeding can be restored. When breast lift is combined with breast enlargement surgery, drooping or sagging breasts can be lifted and made to look younger. On account of its ensured benefits, breast augmentation has become very popular among women desiring youthful breasts.

Breast Enlargement Surgery with Implants

There are different methods of breast implantation or breast augmentation that provide guaranteed results. A popular technique of breast enhancement is using FDA approved breast implants. These are saline implants and silicone gel implants. The former is filled with saline solution, and the latter is filled with silicone gel. The incision for implant placement may be made either in the armpit, in the crease line beneath the breast or in the lower edge of the areola. Breast augmentation is provided as an outpatient procedure, and the procedure duration is one to two hours. The time may vary depending on the technique used and individual patient conditions. Implants vary in size, shape and texture and the surgeon will help you choose the best one for your purpose.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Another popular technique is fat transfer breast augmentation. It has gained a lot of popularity because the need for implants is eliminated. A relatively painless option to enhance the breast contour and improve breast volume, fat transfer augmentation involves harvesting excess fat from body parts such as the abdomen, hips and thighs via minimally invasive liposuction and injecting it into the breasts.  The procedure provides excellent aesthetic results in terms of sensuous breasts and improved self esteem.

The Right Surgeon Can Ensure the Best Results

Breast augmentation is undoubtedly the best option to improve the breast volume and contour. However, the procedure requires remarkable expertise on the part of the plastic surgeon. You have to locate a surgeon who is sensitive to your aesthetic requirements and provides customized treatment. He/she should also provide you with all details concerning the surgery, any risk involved and the results you can expect.  The right surgeon would also provide follow-up consultations post surgery to ensure that the good results obtained are maintained with proper care.
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