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Breakfast Happy Hour Makes Me Never Want To Leave Seattle

Posted Nov 20 2013 4:48pm

Seattle French Press Coffee I do love a fancy dinner every once in a while, but my favorite way to eat while traveling is to find the authentic /hole in the wall /family owned eateries that deliver on flavor and quality while being easy on the wallet.  Even though I mostly cook for myself to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to keep my food costs down, there’s something about a food experience that makes me so incredibly happy.  I don’t need museums and sites when I travel.  Give some amazing food and some people watching and I’m set.

Though I hate the word, I consider myself a foodie.  I friggin love food.  I plan my meals with the utmost care.  Food can translate to love, culture, education – food connects people.  Before I made changes to my diet, I couldn’t get enough of fancy cheeses, pastas, artisan breads, cured meats, and various other delicacies.  My homemade specialties were three cheese lasagna and grilled cheese (any combination of gluten and dairy really).  It’s sometimes hard for me to reconcile how much I love food, while eating natural food the majority of the time.  For centuries, cooking and the craft of creating flavors and textures to please the eyes, the taste buds, and the stomach has been honed – and there’s an artisanship to it that cannot be denied.  The happy medium that I’ve reached with myself is that I strive to eat naturally and healthfully 90% of the time – understanding that some weeks might hover closer to 80%.  The foodie in me is satisfied by my treat meals. The health warrior in me is satisfied that I take care of myself most of the time.  And both sides of me are fulfilled by my objective of cooking foodie meals without butter, cheese, sugar, and wheat.

I don’t know who came up with this idea of a weekday happy hour breakfast, but it’s brilliant.  I discovered that several fabulous restaurants in Seattle have a breakfast happy hour where breakfast prices range from ridiculously cheap to incredibly reasonable. Some of them are less healthy than others (like  this place has pile of donuts for $2.50) – as most breakfasts in America are some form of gluten, sugar, and dairy, but some of them are just really fantastic food at a great price.  Steve and I are trying to go breakfast happy hour once per week while we are in Seattle.  Not only is it an inexpensive way to experience food, but Steve performs at night so dinners are usually not possible.

I judge a really great meal by how sad I am when it’s over and how much I wish that I could go back in time and eat it all over again.  This morning we had a food experience that left our bellies full, our taste buds dancing, and me pretty bummed that it was over. Toulouse Petit’s breakfast happy hour has been my favorite meal in Seattle thus far.  Their breakfast happy hour menu (8AM-11AM on weekdays when most items are $9) boasts a variety of vegetarian and carnivorous options that would satisfy most palates. So for a few more dollars than eating at Chipotle, you get an incredible breakfast.  I highly recommend the smoked salmon and asparagus hash.  And even though I generally avoid coffee – a table made french press in Seattle was the perfect time to give myself a treat.
breakfast windows Toulouse Petit Known for cocktails and tapas, the restaurant also has a regular happy hour menu that seems pretty amazing.  My birthday is coming up next week – so methinks I may find my way back there.  Say around 4pm?

PS:  Check out this awesome article on Seattle Happy hours

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