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Brain Spam

Posted May 20 2009 9:34am

Brainwith words3 What  spam is in your brain?  At a recent conference on Cognitive Therapy the presenter said that on average people have 60,000 unwanted thoughts per day.  That' s a heck of a lot of brain spam, folks.  Brain spam can hijack your life by distracting you from your core self and core beliefs.  Brain spam also drains us of vital positive life energy.  The good news is that you can build your own personal firewall to block unwanted brain spam.  Remind yourself that thoughts aren' t facts and that in most cases your perception of an event is more important than the event itself.

Antidotes to brain spam:

  1. Assertiveness
  2. Anger management
  3. Problem solving
  4. Acceptance
  5. Hope
  6. Faith
  7. Exercise, physical and mental
  8. Replace can' t or never with may or can
  9. Turn shame and blame to regret
  10. Identify your strengths
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