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Braces Anyone?

Posted by Eileen K. Patient Expert

Unfortunately, I have been spending way too much time in the dentist's chair lately. My dentist fear stems from my childhood, I am sure. We were poor and the only time I went to the dentist was when there was an emergency. Consequently, I associate the dentist with pain. Now, as I approach 50, a few of those heavily filled teeth are breaking and require crowns. Thank heavens there are miraculous advances in detal technology, and pain isn't an issue, just time and discomfort.

I have always been envious of those who have beautiful, straight, white teeth. Orthodontics wasn't an option when I was young. Then, as I had my own children, of course they had braces. However, now as I approach my 50th birthday, and after speaking at great length with my dentist, I have been thinking that braces may be the perfect gift.

My husband was completely taken back when I discussed this with him. He couldn't quite wrap his head around this idea. He gave his appropriate good husband response of "Honey, you have a beautiful smile." While I do appreciate his loving comment, I went on to explain.

For years my less than perfect teeth have bothered me. I always looked at people's teeth. I internally grumble when I see my smile in pictures.Some women have a little nip, tuck, lift or suction as they age; why can't I have straight teeth?

So, I am in the process of doing a bit of research.

  • Is there anyone out there who has had braces as an adult?
  • If so, did you opt for the traditional or invisible type?
  • How long did it take?

Any suggestions or advice?

Answers (2)
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I'm new at posting messages, but here goes.....I could have written those comments myself!  It's like my life! And, I am in the process of getting braces. In fact, tomorrow I get the spacers put in. Then on March 6 I'll have some test brackets put on to make sure I can handle them, as I am allergic to nickel. And there is a small amount of nickel in the metal. If all goes well, I'll have the rest of the braces put on April 9. 

I've been doing a lot of research on the internet as I have had some misgivings about the whole deal; however, I am convinced that I'm doing the right thing.  Good luck with whatever you decide and I say-----Go for it!

I am new at posting messages as well but thought you could benefit from my experience. I am a 57 year old male and had braces on for 6 months from January 2090 to July 2090. I had metal lingual braces on the inside of my bottom teeth to relieve the crowding and had clear ceramic braces on my upper teeth to push them out slightly to accommodate the bottom teeth being moved forward.

The first week was very rough on my tongue with the bottom lingual braces. The top ceramic braces were not as painful but did irritate the cheeks and gums.  Since I only had the top front six teeth moved I did not have brackets on any of my back teeth except the 2nd to last molars where the archwire connected. The orthodontist installed metal coil springs on the archwire so it wouldn't rub against my cheeks on the teeth without brackets. During the last two months of treatment I wore elastic bands tied to my front teeth to close small gaps that developed as the front teeth were pushed out.

I now have a permanent bonded lower retainer and wear a clear retainer nightly. All told my orthdontdontic treatment was well worth the time and expense and I am satisfied with the results.

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