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both of my sides hurt bad

Posted by mommyof4nfla

okay for two days i have had pain  on both of my sides above hip below rib. gradually getting worse. it is from side to my back. but felt mostly as pain in mide sides where id rest my hands above hips . i have had some localized pain in my left lower quad. but it came in waves and felt more like a pulsating or twinge. i also (maybe not related) but 2 days ago i felt a pulsating pain in what i figure would be my uterus.stoped me in my tracks but left as soon as it came.  female 31 para 4 ,no fever no pain when i urinate. not pregnant (tubes tied ) period was 6 days late but then came brown day one then reg for 2 days. took test just in case and as i predicted it is neg(thank god!) im getting worried doctor appt on friday..any ideas as to what is going on?
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