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Borderline and High Cholesterol Levels Can Cause Alzheimer’s

Posted Aug 04 2009 12:00am

A Kaiser Permanente study of over 40 years and nearly 10,000 participants found the risk for developing Alzheimer’s and dementia increased with moderate (borderline) to high cholesterol levels. The study started in the 1960’s followed people from age 40-45 for the next 40 years.  The chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease increased by as much as 66 percent among people with high cholesterol in midlife, a level defined as 240 or higher. For those with just moderately high cholesterol - between 200 and 239 - the risk of developing vascular dementia, the second-most common form of dementia after Alzheimer’s, increased by 52 percent. It is hoped that the information gained will help the treatment of borderline and high cholesterol now and in the future. This link is important to know now from a preventive standpoint and it definitely gives you something to think about. Research also shows that cholesterol levels can be lowered with exercise, diet and lifestyle changes.

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