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Boot camp, Zumba or Pole-Dancing. Which one is right for you?

Posted Jul 25 2012 12:49pm
I have been going to this amazing boot camp for months which has truly transformed my body. Sadly, since I'm getting ready to move, I need to eventually find a new place to go. In the meantime I decided to shake up my fitness routine and take some fun classes. This week I did Zumba and cardio pole-dancing.

Boot camp
It's no joke people! I nearly threw up after my first class (ok - confession I did). But, by the time I finished the program I was able to do this awful thing called burpees, full push ups/pull-ups and my overall strength and endurance increased tremendously. My body fat decreased, and I was finally able to see my six pack abs (and yes I'm bragging because I put in tons of hard work!).

The dreaded burpee. Looks easy, but try doing 20 in a row.

  • Thirty minutes of hell, but you will burn so many calories.
  • True sense of accomplishment when you physically and mentally push yourself, and then see what your body is truly capable of doing.
  • Without a qualified instructor, you can really hurt yourself (as with all these classes). The boot camp where I went to, I was fortunate enough to have instructors who were constantly on top of their fitness game. Since we also had participants of all different fitness levels, they knew what signs and symptoms to watch out for.

Don't deny it!!

When the soundtrack is about fifty percent PitBull - there is just no way I'm not going to have a great time. The instructor told me to just try and follow along with my feet and not to worry about my hands.- she clearly didn't know who she was talking to (kidding!). With all the "booty-popping" going on in the class, dare I say that the dancing here was probably more provocative than pole-dancing? More on that in a second.

  • Great music and dance moves that gives you an aerobic dance experience.
  • The hour flies by because you're having so much fun!
  • Great way to exercise with your friends.
  • Great stress reliever, good for people at all different fitness levels.
  • I didn't burn as many calories than my normal boot camp class. 
  • Harder to isolate certain muscle groups.

Pole Dancing 
Requires a lot more strength than you may think.
All first all I could think of was the controversy former Miss USA, Rima Fakih , had when she pole danced as part of a radio contest. For that reason alone I briefly hesitated signing up for this course, but then decided, really? It's not that serious, and it's an exercise class. Afterwards, I knew I was right when the class kicked my nalgas! The routine and moves I learned in the class were also not any more "provocative" than the ones I learned in my Zumba class.

  • Felt sore in all the right places the next day - love it!
  • Cardio and strengthening! If you have underarms that jiggle and keep waving long after you stopped - then this is the class for you!

Whatever class you decide to take, just take one. Get out of your fitness rut and step out of your comfort zone!
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