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Blood in my urine

Posted by swirvinirvin

I recently had a migraine and took 3 extra strength tylenol and 2 excedrin migraine. I had blood in my urine the next day and chalked it up to taking all that medication. One week later, I have blood again and have for 3 days straight now. It doesn't hurt when I urinate, I am not frequently urinating and I do not have any back pain. Any suggestions?

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No painful urination, no frequent urination, no back pain.  Doesn't sound like a stone or urinary tract infection.  However, especially in smokers, we worry about painless bloody urine as a sign of bladder cancer, possibly kidney.  You didn't mention your age, but I assume you're familiar enough with your body & yourself to be sure this blood isn't due to your menses.  I'd suggest that you go see your family physician to find out what's going on.  Good luck!
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