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Bleeding for two weeks?

Posted by Bern

I have been bleeding for two weeks. My periods stopped when I was 43 and started again at 46.  They have been very heavy but only last 3days. This time im bleeding now for 14 days, very heavily and lots of clots? I am worried. What could be wrong?
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Post-menopausal bleeding (PMB) is bleeding that occurs after cessation of menses for over a year.  In your case, it sounds like you went thru menopause and had no mense for approximately 2-3 years.  Therefore, because you've just started up again, this is now considered PMB.  This is a concern for us because we worry about endometrial (uterine) cancer.  Therefore it's important that you tell your family physician about this and undergo an ultrasound to evaluate the thickness of your endometrial stripe.  If it's too thick, then you'll need at least an endometrial biopsy or perhaps even a dilation & curretage aka D&C.  Some docs would just go immediately to endometrial biospy or D&C.  Others would recommend the D&C as the gold standard.  Talk to your doc and maybe another for options & opinions.  Good luck!
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