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Birth story, child #1

Posted Nov 03 2008 4:14pm
As requested, this will be post #1 of 3, with my own birth stories. Enjoy!


I was pregnant at age 15 with my first child, many moons ago (1989). I was a junior in high school. My labor started out as mild contractions around 11pm, one week before my due date. I didn't think much of it, because it honestly didn't hurt that much. So, I went to bed.

The next morning, I was still having mild, irregular contractions, but wasn't hurting any more than the previous evening, so I went to school. I made it through 2 class periods before I decided to call the doctor. They, of course, told me to come in to L&D to be checked. When I arrived, I was about 1.5 cms. They sent me home, since my contractions were mild and irregular. I spent the rest of the day on the couch, eating light foods, and timing my contractions.

They picked up more in frequency, so I headed back to L&D later that evening. This time I was 2cm. I was given a sleeping pill to try to sleep, while staying on observation on L&D overnight. They kept me on the fetal monitor while I tried to sleep, but I never did sleep. The contractions got stronger, and closer together.

I called for my nurse to check me around 2am, because they were hurting much more. I must have made some cervical change, because they started setting up for my delivery! I got a shave prep, and an enema prep. Some time in there I got a shot of Demerol, at my request. It didn't feel like it did much for the pain.

The doc broke my water when I was 9.5 cms.

By 6am, I was 10cm, and started pushing. Apparently, I was a crappy pusher. With no epidural. No drugs at this point. Not much of an urge to push either. I remember pushing with my face for most of the time. I remember falling asleep while my legs were in the stirrups too - everyone watching and waiting for me to push. I think my contractions stopped for a period of time (20-30 minutes??), but then started again. The doctor cut a mediolateral episiotomy. I felt her shoulders pop out and poof! There she was! 6 lb 5 oz baby girl, born at 8:13 am. I *think* they injected me with local before her head was born, because I don't remember feeling much pain/burning with her head, compared to my second and third births.

I had an awesome student nurse named Jennifer who was helping hold one of my legs, and my boyfriend (now my ex-husband) was holding my other leg.

I got very sick after my daughter was born. My temperature shot up to 104-105, and I thought I was going to die. My parish priest came by and blessed me. In my haze, I thought it was Last Rites, but he was just coming by to bless me. They kept me on L&D for a few hours, started antibiotics, and took my daughter to the nursery while I worked on getting over whatever it was that hit me after delivery. They never did tell me what it was. Looking back, I don't think it was chorioamnionitis, because my membranes were intact until I was 9.5 cms. I never had a fever during labor either. I recall having a vaginal culture done when I was on postpartum, but I have no clue what they tested for, or what they found.

I was on IV antibiotics for several days, and went home on oral antibiotics. My fever cleared up within 24 hrs. I tried breastfeeing my daughter, but wasn't successful. Also, no one showed me how to breastfeed, and I got discouraged quickly, and the bottles of formula were too easily available in the hospital.

My daughter is now almost 19 years old, and is a freshman in college!


Birth stories #2 and 3 will be written another day. So, stay tuned!!
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