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Birth Plans and C-Sections

Posted Sep 27 2009 10:04pm

Kudos to Morgan for her post on Birth Plans and C-Sections. Go ahead and follow the link to her post. That should hopefully help answer some of the recent comments I've had regarding c-sections.

Regarding skin to skin contact after a c-section: it can be done. You need to make your desire for skin to skin contact known before you have a c-section (either planned or urgent/emergent). Tell your nurse when she is admitting you that you would like your baby to be skin to skin as soon as possible after birth.

You might have difficulty in achieving skin to skin contact after a c-section. The reasons for this could include potential respiratory distress or difficulty in the baby being able to clear secretions after a c-section birth. Once baby is stable, however, there is no reason why your baby cannot be placed skin to skin with you while you are on the operating table.

Now, many women feel very nauseous or vomit during the immediate post birth time in a c-section. That is because of the manipulation going on with your uterus and peritoneal layers while being sewn back together. If this is the case, perhaps waiting until the nausea abates or even when you get to the recovery room might be a better time to do skin to skin with your baby.

Remember: if you and your baby are medically stable, it is your right to have your baby remain with you. If it's "hospital policy" to separate mother and baby, fight it. Policies are guidelines. They are not written in stone. Guidelines can be followed or not followed.

Happy birthing!
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